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Available Space

Riverwalk Plaza currently has space available for rent. The space is approximately 2,200 square foot retail space formerly occupied by the northern half of Eckerd Drug Store. This space is an endcap, located at the northern end of the strip plaza building. The other half has been occupied by the Wellsville Sherwin-Williams Paint Store and Citi Salon. This space will need new entrances and natural gas utilities because the Sherwin-Williams Store utilized the existing one from the old Eckerds Drug Store. Therefore, we can customize these improvements to specifically suit the new tenant. The space does have ADA men's and women's bathrooms and a large storeroom area. The building currently contains America's Mattress, Electric Beach, Radio Shack, The YMCA, Subway, Sherwin Williams Paint Store, and Citi Salon. See associated photos.

For additional information on leasing these space contact the Plaza Manager at:

Phone:(585) 593-3601 Ext. 30

Or Write:

Riverwalk, Inc.
164 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 663
Wellsville, NY 14895
Attn: Plaza Manager

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